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We give every user the ability to enhance the SEO benefits and global reach for their listings through search engines as well as putting our merchants’ products on Google Merchants for even more visibility and reach.


Uploading Images

Image Sizes

To increase the loading speed of your individual listing, a smaller, compressed image helps your individual listing load faster which leads to fewer potential buyers skiping your listing solely due to how long your listing takes to load.

Image SEO

You can give your listings extra SEO power by naming your image before you upload it to a relevant title.  If you’re selling a Mike trout baseball card, go ahead and name the file Mike Trout Baseball Card, after uploading, you can even add an alt tag to the image for additional SEO benefits.  For the alt tag, you can add 2015 topps update Mike Trout.  Alt tags & entering relevant SEO information, help your listings to do better on the site, better in search results by Google, Bing & Yandex but also help your items sell faster.


Common problems when listing items include the inability to upload photos for your listings.  If you find yourself unable to upload an image and receive an error when you try to upload your product images is file size.  The smaller the file the better and the best size for your images is below 175 kb

Another issue you may encounter when you reach an error when you upload images is in the name itself.  Having random characters including )( may prevent you from uploading your images.  Use the tips in the Image SEO section above to optimize your images and prevent uploading issues & errors.

If you still encounter uploading issues after all the steps above, the final solution we offer before contacting support is to clear your computer’s cache.  settings, saved cookies and your cache could become a barrier and cause errors when you upload.

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