Starting Your Own Hobby Shop

The collectibles & trading card market is more popular than ever and many people have been using platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Goldin Auctions, Mercari and even Facebook to list & sell their collectibles.  The problems with all these platforms range from high fees, conditions that are heavily weighted towards the seller and limitations on what you can sell, how you sell and what you can post on these sites.

Selling Your Collectibles on Other Platforms

While the capabilities of these platforms differ, each has their own limitations and while they allow you to have ‘stores’, when you sell something, you’re subject to high selling fees, paying for a set number of listings, additional fees when you go over a certain amount of listings.

On top of this, on nearly all of these platforms you even have to pay additional fees once you list your over a set amount of listings per month unless you pay additional monthly fees for a store upgrade.

You’re also subject to restricted freedoms and barred from talking about certain things or sharing links with potential customers which sometimes can hinder your abilities to do business.

The only way around these limitations is to start your own brick and mortar hobby shop and creating your own website to sell your collectibles.

Create Your Own Hobby Shop Without the Hassle & Less Fees

For many, starting your own website has numerous costs involved in setting up a store website on WordPress including hosting, time spent getting the features you want, the cost for plugins, adding SEO so users find your site, and finally, getting to list your products.

These reasons are why many people opt to sell on platforms like eBay and Amazon regardless of fees, because the juice of doing things yourself isn’t worth the squeeze, especially when many users don’t sell at a high volume to justify the costs.

Xclusive Collectables & Blox want to change all of this and give you the chance to start your own hobby shop with low seller fees, nearly unlimited & auction listings and giving you the opportunity to truly give you your own online hobby shop where you can make your store as big as you want and market your products around the world.

While everyone behind Xclusive Collectables is a collector, we don’t have multiple corporate layers that we hide behind and have built our site to be a home for collectors around the world to connect with customers, make friends, talk about and buy, sell and collect what you love for less and with fair terms for buyers and sellers.

With our different tiers of affordable membership plans, you can choose the plan that fits the amount of items you plan on selling.  As you sell more, you can lower your selling fees even further by choosing an upgraded membership plan so you can keep more from your sales and get more benefit from your own store.

Building Your Own Hobby Shop

Some of our users may have their own webstore or sell on other platforms and that’s ok, but we’re building a place where users aren’t limited by strict rules and high fees and whether you have or don’t have your own hobby shop, it’s time to buy, sell & list your collectibles and trading cards for less on a platform that cares about all collectors and bring you everything you need to succeed with your own hobby shop.

Benefits to Creating Your Own Hobby Shop with Xclusive Collectables

Selling on Facebook, let’s local users find your items, but many want to meet in person and you could have your listing up for months while dealing with potential scammers, people who you wouldn’t want to meet in person and people who could potentially waste your time.

Become One of Our First Vendors.

By the end of this week, Xclusive Collectables and our initial members will begin adding our products and you can become one of our initial vendors and be one of the first to list your products in your own hobby shop.  While most features are live now, we will be continually improving the vendor and customer experience to create a home for everyone who loves collectables and wants to share information on their favorite hobbies with other collectibles through our forum and interacting with other users.

Signing up is as easy as visiting our login page and clicking on the option to register as a vendor to become part of something better that brings the hobby & collectibles communities together all in one place.

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