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Selling Internationally

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Selling Internationally

Currently, collectors and sellers in the United States can use Xclusive Collectibles to buy and sell trading cards and collectibles but soon, international buyers and sellers will be welcomed to the platform. When we expand this capability, we want to give you insights that will help guide you through the international sales process.

Trading cards & many types of collectibles have seen a resurgence in popularity like never before which has resulted in scarcity & higher prices for nearly all types of cards.  Much of this interest comes from collectors in the United States, but the availability to collectors across the globe to find the collectibles market is an underserved market.

Sites like ebay section of global users to their own regions and keep geographical regions separate while including listings from overseas almost as an afterthought.

If you love to collect something, it shouldn’t matter where you’re located in order to buy, sell and collect from users anywhere in the world.

Let’s look at the 3 main barriers that international collectors face whether they’re buying or selling.

Shipping Costs- Even for smaller shipments of trading cards, shipping costs are one of the biggest issues facing collectors connecting in other countries though even with global carriers, these costs can create a barrier for people to buy and sell their items.

Language- Listing your items so people who don’t speak your language can find your items as well as understanding other sellers native listings to ensure you’re getting exactly what you want has traditionally been another barrier from connecting to sellers & buyers.

Missing Shipments & Fraud- Many sellers, no matter the country, are up front with and about what they sell and genuinely care about delivering exactly what they have offered to their customers. On the other side of this, most buyers are honest, when something arrives how they ordered it, all is well and both the buyer and sellers are happy.  However, there is little doubt most people who’ve ever bought or sold something have at some point dealt with someone less than honest at best and unscrupulous at worst

Looking at these three major issues above, it’s at least easy to understand hesitancy to sell internationally however, these same issues can occur with buyers and sellers in your own country at any time.

We live in a diverse world where in any given country, on nearly any given street, multiple languages can be spoken as well as house people from all types of backgrounds who could like any number of different things.

While we can’t eliminate all of the barriers to selling online, how do we create a home for users to buy and sell to people all over the world while minimizing these issues?

Fighting Missing Shipments & Frauds

When it comes to shipping products, especially of high value, having tracking as well as insurance during shipping gives both the buyer and seller additional peace of mind.

Accurate tracking until products reach their destination and  the security of receiving compensation if a shipment is lost is paramount to a successful transaction.

In instances where shipments arrive and a claim arises that a seller hasn’t received an item even though tracking clearly shows it arrived doesn’t necessarily mean that there is malice on the part of the buyer. With USPS, an item can show as out for delivery for a day or more before products arrive, and in rare instances, items can be shown as delivered and can be delivered to the wrong location.

In worse instances, an item can be delivered and ‘porch pirates’ can steal delivered shipments or buyers can claim this happened which puts the seller at a disadvantage due to not completing the sale.

Loss of Products & What Happens Next

Losing money by both losing the product and losing money on the original shipping costs can put a seller at a disadvantage however, adding insurance to cover potential losses and the value of products, while costing extra, these costs should be included in all listings as extra protection from all of the reasons above, especially when shipping outside of your home country.

When Xclusive arbitrates decisions based on missing, suspected fraud or other issues that arise between a buyer and seller, we look at all the available evidence to determine how returns are handled as well as who will bear the costs. We accept all types of evidence from both buyers and sellers to come to a decision from the affected parties in order to resolve these problems.

If a buyer or seller has a dispute with the other party of a transaction, the first step is to contact to explain what has occurred and we will contact the other party to begin our arbitration process as outlined in our terms & conditions and begin to engage the other party.  As we upgrade our claims & dispute policies, all members will be updated as appropriate.

We want to encourage a fair & safe place for collectors around the globe to buy, sell & collect for less while earning more and we won’t tolerate malicious actions, or attitudes towards any user on our platform and will take the actions necessary to stop abuse, negligence & malice on our platform.

If you have any questions, problems or disputes, contact