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Selling Internationally

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Selling Internationally

Expanding to International Markets: A New Frontier for Xclusive Collectibles

At Xclusive Collectibles, we've been dedicated to providing collectors and sellers in the United States with a premier platform for buying and selling trading cards and collectibles. Now, we are thrilled to announce that we're expanding our services to welcome international buyers and sellers to our platform. This expansion aims to give you valuable insights to smoothly navigate the international sales process.

The Resurgence of Trading Cards and Collectibles

Trading cards and various types of collectibles have recently seen an unprecedented resurgence, leading to scarcity and higher prices for almost all categories. While much of this interest originates in the United States, there's a significant, yet underserved, global demand for these collectibles. Platforms like eBay often segment global users by region, treating international listings as secondary. We believe that your location shouldn't limit your ability to buy, sell, and cherish collectibles worldwide.

Addressing the Three Main Barriers for International Collectors

International trading faces its unique challenges, whether you're buying or selling. Here are the main barriers:

Shipping Costs

Even small shipments like trading cards can incur hefty shipping fees, posing a significant challenge for international trade. Though global carriers are available, these costs can be prohibitive.

Language Barriers

Listing and finding items across language barriers is challenging. It's crucial for sellers to reach a global audience and for buyers to fully understand what they're purchasing.

Missing Shipments and Fraud

Most sellers are honest and committed to delivering exactly what they've promised, and most buyers are sincere in their dealings. However, issues of dishonesty and fraud can arise, causing apprehension about international transactions.

Overcoming These Challenges

Navigating VAT Taxes in International Transactions

When engaging in international trade through Xclusive Collectibles, it's crucial to understand the implications of Value-Added Tax (VAT). VAT is a consumption tax placed on a product whenever value is added at each stage of the supply chain, from production to the point of sale. It's important to note that the responsibility for paying VAT rests with the buyer. This means that when you purchase an item from another country, you, as the buyer, are responsible for paying any applicable VAT. Sellers should clearly state in their listings that VAT, where applicable, is not included in the listed price and is the buyer's responsibility. This transparency ensures that buyers are fully informed about potential additional costs associated with their international purchases.

Fighting Missing Shipments and Frauds

To ensure confidence in transactions, we recommend using tracked and insured shipping. This approach provides peace of mind with accurate tracking and compensation for lost shipments. While false claims of non-receipt can occur, they don't always imply malice. Issues like delayed delivery, incorrect delivery, and theft (e.g., 'porch pirates') are real concerns that need addressing.

Loss of Products and Resolution

To mitigate the financial impact of lost products and shipping costs, we advise including insurance in your listings, especially for international shipping. This added cost is a crucial protection against various loss scenarios.

Arbitration and Dispute Resolution at Xclusive

When disputes arise, Xclusive Collectibles takes a fair and evidence-based approach to arbitration. Our process involves reviewing all available evidence and determining the appropriate resolution, including handling returns and cost responsibilities. If you're involved in a dispute, contact to initiate our arbitration process, which is detailed in our terms & conditions.

A Commitment to Fairness and Safety

Our goal is to foster a fair, safe, and profitable environment for global collectors. We have zero tolerance for malicious actions or attitudes and will take necessary measures to prevent abuse, negligence, and malice on our platform.

For any inquiries, concerns, or disputes, please reach out to Let's make the world of collecting more accessible and enjoyable for everyone, no matter where you are.